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Chef’s Quality Meat Tenderizer 32 oz (6 Pack)

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Meat Tenderizer

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Chef's Quality Meat Tenderizer 32 oz Chef’s Quality Meat Tenderizer

Features a unique blend of savory spices and seasonings….Chef’s Quality Meat Tenderizer.

Perfect on beef, pork or poultry.

Brings out the flavor in your beef, chicken or pork with a unique blend of spices, turmeric and pineapple fruit extract.

Used for less tender cuts of meat.

Just before cooking, moisten surface of meat with water.

Chefs Quality is a brand used by many different types of restaurants and food service facilities across the US. Most of the items are bulk size and discounted relative to the price paid in a normal supermarket.  Definitely a great substitute for many “name” brand items.

Chef’s Quality Meat Tenderizer 32 oz

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