RAPA Turkey Scrapple 16 Oz (6 Pack)

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1 lb blocks of beef scrapple

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RAPA Turkey Scrapple

rapa turkey scrappleSix 1 pound blocks of this delicious turkey scrapple product from RAPA.

This flavor uses the same great recipe as our Original Scrapple but uses the finest turkey ingredients to create more variety for our customers!

Looking for an alternative to traditional pork scrapple?  Try our NEW Rapa Turkey Scrapple!  This product combines the distinguished spice profile of our Original Scrapple with turkey products for a taste that is sure to entice any customer!

Ingredients: Turkey Stock, Turkey Skins, Turkey Hearts, Turkey Livers, Wheat Flour, Corn Meal, Turkey Trim, Salt, Ground Onion, Gelatin, Spices

Cooking Instructions



  1. Preheat greased skillet to medium (375°F).
  2. Place ¼ inch slices (not touching) in pan.
  3. Brown each side 8-10 minutes to desired crispness.

The RAPA Turkey Scrapple is typically cut into quarter-inch to three-quarter-inch slices and pan-fried until brown to form a crust. It is sometimes first coated with flour. It may be fried in butter or oil and is sometimes deep-fried. Scrapple can also be broiled; this is a good cooking method for those who like their scrapple crisp.

In 1926 two brothers from Bridgeville, Delaware founded the RAPA Scrapple manufacturing plant. The brothers were named Ralph Adams and Paul Adams. This duo joined their names to create the RAPA trademark. Their recipe for the pork product has been used since the early 1920s when they developed it.

Rapa has made great strides since its founding. Product innovation and unparalleled customer satisfaction have been the cornerstones for growth.

RAPA Turkey Scrapple

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