Oasis: Red Vinegar 4/1 gallon case

Oasis Red Vinegar 1 gallon (2 Pack)

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Oasis Red Vinegar

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Oasis Red Vinegar

Oasis Red Vinegar
Make a great topping, zesty dipping sauce or used to create your signature dressing….Oasis Red Vinegar!

Red Wine Vinegar is made from red wine. Producers allow the red wine to ferment until it turns sour. Once fermentation is complete, the vinegar can be strained or bottled, or is aged. The longer the vinegar ages, the more muted the flavor becomes. Red wine vinegar can be aged up to two years before bottling.  Even after purification and straining, a miniscule amount of sediment will remain at the bottom of the bottle. Red wine vinegar can be used in salad dressings and sauces, pickling,slow food and cooked in reductions to make sauces.

This is a 2 gallon case of red vinegar! Great price for 2 gallons of restaurant grade red vinegar.

Oasis Red Vinegar 1 gallon 2 pack

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