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Chef’s Quality Jerk Seasoning 25 oz (6 Pack)

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Chef’s Quality Jerk Seasoning

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Chef’s Quality Jerk Seasoning

Chef's Quality Jerk SeasoningJerking is a traditional style of barbecuing. This paste, when rubbed sparingly into meat should be left overnight for best results, then grilled or roasted slowly. Adjust to your taste…if you like it mild, or HOT! HOT! HOT……Chef’s Quality Jerk Seasoning!

Jerk Seasoning has a combination of herbs and spices, scallion, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg, scotch bonnett pepper (among the hottest peppers on the Soville Scale) cayenne pepper and Jamaican pimento equivalent to all spice. Jamaican pimento gives your chicken, pork, fish, and vegtable recipes that secret zing due to the Jamaican volcanic soil.

Pork, chicken and also vegetables can get spicier utilizing an exotic jerk seasoning.

Chef’s Quality Jerk Seasoning 25 oz

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