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Chef’s Quality Ground White Pepper 18 oz (6 Pack)

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Ground White Pepper

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Chef's Quality Ground White PepperChef’s Quality Ground White Pepper

Chefs Quality is a brand used by many different types of restaurants and food service facilities across the US. Most of the items are bulk size and discounted relative to the price paid in a normal supermarket.  Definitely a great substitute for many “name” brand items….like the Chef’s Quality Ground White Pepper!

White Peppercorns are the inside of ripe green berries that have been peeled and then dried. Suggested Use: Use White Pepper in recipes where you desire the sharp, crisp flavor of Black Pepper, but not the color. Favored by chef’s for white gravies, cream sauces, potato dishes and salad dressings.

Finely ground white pepper has traditionally been used in Western cooking where specks of black pepper would be objectionable, such as in white sauces, cream soups and fish dishes. Coarse grind white pepper is the size and type of pepper preferred in Southeast Asia where it is sprinkled heavily on meats, especially beef and pork before grilling, broiling or stir-frying.

Ingredients: White Peppercorns

Basic Prep: Add directly to recipes as called for, or sprinkle over food after cooking.

Chef’s Quality Ground White Pepper 18 oz

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