We have another question here that deals with the recent news item, it talks about the banks halting some of the foreclosures or putting a stop to the foreclosures for a set period of time.  Do any of the provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act talk about that?  Do you think there would be amendments or something that deals with the recent string of news that we had about foreclosures in America?


I don’t find any language in there related it except the language where there is going to be funds provided for unemployed who are facing foreclosure and that the ombudsman departments and agencies to help out.  No, I think what happened was that there was a question about procedures and proper documentations and representations made by the banks.  They stopped the foreclosures and then in the last day or so, I’ve seen that they have now started back up again.  But I think now, they have instituted changes where they are in compliance of it.  I think the foreclosures are going to continue.  From the news, it appears that they have slowed down some just because they are getting a lot of those things out into the market and some solutions.  No, the people that are facing foreclosure six months ago are going to be facing it again in the next few weeks.


Okay, great!  I don’t see any more questions in the queue so I believe we are going to wrap things up here.  On behalf of TASA and everybody in attendance, I want to thank Louis for a great presentation.  It shows that you put a lot of effort into it and a great amount of research.  We do thank for taking the time to read all the 2,300 pages of the legislation so that you can put this presentation together.  If you would like to speak to Louis about a case or a project that you have, you can contact us here at TASA, industry leaders in expert witness referrals.  The number is (800) 523 2319.  We will be sending out a link to the archived recordings of this webinar tomorrow morning.  The archived recording will also be posted in the Knowledge Center of TASA’s website.  That’s where we post all of our past webinars.  If you have any questions or comments, please email me at mhyde@tasanet.com.  We do take all your comments and we try to make our programs better based on the comments that you supply.  So I do encourage you to take the time to shoot me an email.  We do have a couple of webinars coming up.  We have one on October 21st and one on November  4th.  Please look for an invitation in your inbox shortly.  We hope to see you at future TASA events.  Thank you so much for your time.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act: The Impact on Regulatory Mandates & Securities Litigation Pt. 11

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