Ver Mex Chorizo Sausage 3 Lb

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Ver Mex Chorizo Sausage 3 Lb


Ver Mex Chorizo Sausage is a top rate brand used by many restaurants and food establishments across the USA!  Try them today!

Vermex Produce, LLC begin its operations in September 1999.  Its founder, late Mr. Arturo Villarreal Sr., had a vision of providing Vermex Produce customers with the best quality fresh produce in the market. Initially, the company begin purchasing and selling pineapples. At the time, it was only sold locally and within the State of Texas. In 2008, David and Arturo Villarreal joined the company to follow their father’s legacy and increase production. Currently, Vermex Produce continues to be family-owned and operated, and sells a variety of fresh produce in over 10 states.

Ver Mex Chorizo Sausage

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in