ventura creamy italian salad dressing

Ventura Creamy Italian Dressing 1 gal (2 Pack)

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ventura creamy italian dressingVentura Creamy Italian Dressing

Classic Gourmet® Reserve dressings are made with the highest quality ingredients for a made-from-scratch taste. Developed by culinary experts for food service professionals, Classic Gourmet Reserve dressings ensure uncompromising quality and on-trend specialty flavor profiles for a signature taste you will be proud to call your own.

Classic Gourmet Select Dressings are so versatile they can be used throughout your menu for salads, sandwich toppers, dips for appetizers, and sauces for entrees.

The Ventura Creamy Italian Dressing is considered on of the better italian salad dressing products in the marketplace!  Try a 2 pack of the top rate Ventura Creamy Italian Dressing today!

North American-style Italian dressing is not used in Italy, where salad is normally dressed with olive oil, vinegar, salt, and sometimes black pepper at the table, and not with a pre-mixed vinaigrette.

Italian dressing is also used as a marinade for meat or vegetables, for stir-frys, and on sandwiches. Pasta salads sometimes include Italian dressing.

A variety of Italian dressing, known as creamy Italian, consists of the same ingredients, but with buttermilk or mayonnaise added to make it creamy.

Ventura: Creamy Italian Dressing 1 gallon

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