Cibao Longaniza Sausage 22.4 Oz (2 Pack)

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Cibao Longaniza Sausage 22.4 Oz (2 Pack)


Cibao Longaniza Sausage is a top rate brand used by many restaurants and food establishments across the USA!

Cibao Meat Products Meat formerly Cima Meat, was founded in 1969 with Salami Campesino, this was the beginning of a family of sausage products. Now we have been over 40 years being a family business. The founder Mr. Siegfried Vieluf our father began in a small place located in the Washington Heights area in the city of New York. When he started the business, Lutzi and Heinz were still in school. Today they have been committed to continue the tradition has been for more than 40 years “The Tradition of Quality” is not only our slogan it is our goal. The tradition of making quality products and providing excellent service has made us the favorites of the Hispanic community.

Our experience has shown that the use of an appropriate quality control, added to the finest ingredients, our formulas and the special attention in the manufacturing process to provide our customers the largest food product on the market. At the same time we are concerned about carrying our products fresh and quickly to places of sale.

Cibao Longaniza Sausage

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