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Chef’s Quality Ground Thyme 11 oz (6 Pack)

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 Ground Thyme

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Chef's Quality Ground ThymeChef’s Quality Ground Thyme

A delicate looking herb with a penetrating fragrance, thyme is a wonderful addition to bean, egg and vegetable dishes…as is the Chef’s Quality Ground Thyme.

Thyme is included in the French combination of herbs called bouquet garnish used to season stock, stews and soups.

Thyme has a distinctly warm, aromatic flavor. From Southern Europe, it has been used for centuries to flavor cheese. The ancient Greeks considered it a symbol of courage.

Chefs Quality  Ground Thyme is a brand used by many different types of restaurants and food service facilities across the US. Most of the items are bulk size and discounted relative to the price paid in a normal supermarket.

Chef’s Quality Ground Thyme 11 oz

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