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Chef’s Quality Ground Nutmeg 16 oz (6 Pack)

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Ground Nutmeg

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Chef’s Quality Ground Nutmeg

Chef's Quality Ground NutmegChef’s Quality Ground Nutmeg has a slightly sweet taste and makes a wonderful addition to cheese sauces.

Description of Nutmeg Nutmeg is one of the more popular spices in use today. The term nutmeg applies to both the spice itself and the tree from which it is derived. Though it is not a commonly known fact, the nutmeg tree actually gives forth two slightly different spices. Obviously one of them is nutmeg. Nutmeg (the spice) is actually the inner part of the seed, the kernel. The other one is mace, which is derived from the inner covering of the seed.

Nutmeg trees actually come in different varieties. They are basically members of the evergreen family of trees. Of the many different varieties of nutmeg trees, the most significant is probably the Fragrant Nutmeg. It is also called the Common Nutmeg. Its scientific name is Myristica fragrans and it is native to Asia, specifically the Banda Islands of Indonesia. The Common Nutmeg also grows in the Moluccas Islands and other parts of the world. Other species occur all over the world.

Nutmeg is the ground dried seed of a pear shaped fruit gathered from a tropical evergreen tree. A sweet nutty spice often used in milk drinks. Best used in cream sauces and soups made from vegetables such as pumpkin, broccoli, carrot, spinach and onion. Also used for flavouring cakes, pies and pastries.

Chef’s Quality Ground Nutmeg 16 oz

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