bacon flavored bits

Chef’s Quality Bacon Flavored Bits 13 oz (6 Pack)

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 Bacon Flavored Bits

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Chef's Quality Bacon Flavored BitsChef’s Quality Bacon Flavored Bits

Chefs Quality is a brand used by many different types of restaurants and food service facilities across the US. Most of the items are bulk size and discounted relative to the price paid in a normal supermarket.  Definitely a great substitute for many “name” brand items….try the Chef’s Quality Bacon Flavored Bits!

Shake on The BACON FLAVOR BITS, For a Fantastic taste in your meal. The difference is delicious.

Whatever type of food needs bacon flavor, these bacon bits are top rate and taste great!!

Imitation bacon bits are made of textured vegetable protein, abbreviated to TVP, which is made of soy. They are flavored and colored, and usually have had liquid smoke added to enhance the taste.

Chef’s Quality Bacon Flavored Bits 13 oz

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