Tetley Tea 100 Ct (10 Pack)

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Tetley Tea 100 Ct (10 Pack)


Tetley Tea is a top rate brand used by many restaurants and food establishments across the USA!  Try them today!

Tetley produces the perfect blend by finding the best teas from around the world. Buying agents participate in all the world’s major auctions—including in Calcutta and Mombassa—and purchase more than two million pounds of tea a week. These teas may come from some 10,000 different estates. Before each auction, small samples of tea are sent to London for testing and grading by the buyers and blenders. As many as 30 of the finest teas from around the world are selected to give Tetley Tea its pure tea flavor.

The secret of producing the perfect cup of Tetley Tea is the expertise of a small team right at the heart of Tetley operations: our tea tasters and blenders. The way these professionals practice their art and develop their precise palate skills has changed very little in over 160 years. It still takes years of training and experience to be able to judge with complete accuracy up to 1,000 different tea samples a day, selecting only those that are right for the Tetley blend.

Blending is a critical—and precise—part of the manufacturing process. Tetley’s steadfast commitment to quality ensures that its teas maintain a consistent flavor, aroma and color. Taking many years to master tea’s intricacies, the most expert blender can detect minute differences and easily determine where a particular crop was grown, and usually on which estate.

Tetley Tea

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