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Supremo Italiano Italian Amaretti Biscotti 35.3 Oz (2 Pack)

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Amaretti Italian Biscotti

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Italian Amaretti BiscottiSupremo Italiano Italian Amaretti Biscotti

Try a 2 boxes of these delicious Italian Amaretti Biscotti cookies from Supremo Italiano!

  • soft Amaretti
  • Product of Italy
  • individually packaged
  • 100 Italian Amaretti Biscotti per box….200 total

The term amaretto refers to a type of pastry made ​​with almond paste , made ​​with sugar, egg white , sweet almond and bitter almond and apricot seeds .

It was probably invented by the Arabs and from the Mediterranean basin , especially from Sicily, passed later in the culinary traditions of the Normans, Spanish, French. Pilgrims and convents he assured the spread, made ​​easier by the fact that the cake is not perishable.

Of this sweet are primarily two different versions: the macaroon type Saronno , crunchy and crumbly, and the macaroon type Redwing , softer and more similar to marzipan . Both have a rounded shape, as a small cap, and the surface cracked.

Modern biscotti recipes often contain seeds (traditional almonds, pine nuts and pistachios or nuts such as hazelnuts are popular choices) or spices such as anise or cinnamon.

Modern recipes include adding baking powder and spices to the flour. The nuts are then added to allow them to be coated, with the skins being left particularly when using almonds and hazelnuts. Separately, eggs are beaten together, and then any wet flavouring before being added to the dry ingredients. Following twice baking (once in long slab form, secondly in cut sliced form), the biscotti may be dipped in a glaze, such as chocolate.

Supremo Italiano Amaretti Italian Biscotti 35.3 Oz (2 Pack)

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