Oscar Mayer Bacon – 3/1lb

Oscar Mayer Bacon 1 lb (3 Pack)

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America’s Favorite Brand of Bacon is Oscar Mayer!

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Oscar Mayer Bacon

Bacon is a cured meat from the sides and belly of a pig, having distinct strips of fat and typically served in thin slices. It serves a special purpose in every appetite. Making every recipe a delightful one.

Oscar Mayer Bacon America’s Favorite Brand of Bacon is Oscar Mayer!
Oscar Mayer has been making great tasting bacon for over 75 years. Our naturally hardwood smoked process brings out the delicious flavor and aroma that everyone loves. Oscar Mayer…Nothing but the best!

Three – 1 pound packages
Naturally hardwood smoked
Great for restaurants or personal use
USDA Inspected
Ingredients: Cured with water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite.

Oscar Mayer Bacon – 3/1lb

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Weight 7 lbs
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