Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar 1 Gal (2 Pack)

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Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar 1 Gal (2 Pack)


Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar is a top rate brand used by many restaurants and food establishments across the USA!  Try them today!

The most versatile of our flavors whose lightly sweetened mild vinegar flavor is perfect for splashing on meat, shrimp, pasta or almost anything else!
Stir into mayonnaise and Dijon mustard for a lively sandwich spread.
Cut a ripe avocado in half and remove pit. Pour seasoned rice vinegar into each half and eat with a spoon.
Use as a tangy base for tomato-based barbecue sauces.


Rice vinegar (made from real rice), water, invert sugar, salt, brown sugar. Diluted with water to 4% acidity (40 grain).

Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar

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