mira mango nectar juice box

Mira Mango Nectar Juice Boxes 27/6.7 oz

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Mira Mango Nectar

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Mira Mango Nectar Juice Boxes

Neilsen has ranked our Mango as the #1 Mango in the New York Metropolitan area! Most of our avid customers describe the mouth feel, taste and enjoyment of Mira mango as the same savory experience of eating a perfectly ripe and sweetened mango. That is what makes Mira Mango #1!

Mira Mango Nectar Juice BoxMade with hand selected mangoes that is grown on the tallest mango trees. Contains 19% of Mango juice water. Good Source of Vitamin C. No Artificial Flavor Mira Nectars have a shelf life of 18 months. For a little extra fun, Mira Mango is also wonderful for blending in martinis and cocktails.

Mira Mango Nectar Juice Boxes 27/6.7 oz

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