matisse custard cream powder

Matisse Instant Custard Cream Powder 5 Lb (2 Pack)

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make your very own custard cream!!

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matisse instant custard cream powderMatisse Instant Custard Cream Powder

Try two 5 pound bags of this top rate Matisse instant custard cream powder mix!

Used by many restaurants and bakeries across the country!!

Custard cream is traditionally made with fresh milk, flour, sugar, eggs or egg yolks, and a vanilla pod. Using a mix to prepare custard cream offers many advantages, such as convenience, saved time, constant quality and price, food safety, long shelf life and ambient storage.

Besides the hot or cold preparation method, custard cream can be made by adding either water or milk to the mix. Puratos has therefore developed a variety of options, such as CPT mix, which is prepared by boiling hot milk and sugar together, and Cremyvit, which is mixed with cold water to create a delicious and versatile custard cream.

Try a 2 pack of this great Matisse Instant Custard Cream Powder today!

Matisse Instant Custard Cream Powder 5 Lb.

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