lacas ground roast coffee

Lacas Ground Roast Coffee 1 lb. (2 Pack)

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Lacas Coffee Ground Roast 1 lb.

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Lacas Ground Roast Coffee

lacas ground roast coffeeLacas Original City Roast Coffee 1 lb Ground Roast – Refined through decades of experience is characterized by a rich aroma, a complex layering of flavors, and a sweet full finish. Each new crop, arabica coffee varietal contributes its own characteristics to this blend. This is the one you know the best. You’ve been drinking Original City Roast in some of the finest restaurants, country clubs and , yes, the best roadside diners in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware for decades…..Lacas Ground Roast Coffee!

Everyone recognizes a roasted coffee bean, but unless you’ve lived or traveled in a coffee-growing country, you might not recognize an actual coffee tree.  Coffee traces its origin to a genus of plants known as Coffea.  Within the genus there are over 500 genera and 6,000 species of tropical trees and shrubs.


Lacas Ground Roast Coffee 1 lb.

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Weight 3 lbs
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