Daniele Sliced Sweet Capocollo 1 Lb (5 Pack)

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Daniele Sliced Sweet Capocollo 1 Lb (5 Pack)


Daniele Sliced Sweet Capocollo is a top rate brand used by many restaurants and food establishments across the USA!

Daniele, Inc. has a long history of gourmet food that started over 60 years ago. From our famous Del Duca® Prosciutto to our other charcuterie, you can rest assured that every product is autentico, made in the USA according to time-honored Italian traditions. You can taste the Daniele, Inc. tradition in every bite!

Capocollo from the finest cut of pork, the solid muscle between the head (“capo”) and the shoulder (“collo”). It is cured with just the right amount of seasoning and hung to age for up to 4 months.

Available in hot and sweet, our Capocollo is lean and finely marbled. A true staple in any antipasto or Italian sandwich.

Daniele Sliced Sweet Capocollo

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