Daniele Sliced Pancetta

Daniele Sliced Pancetta 1 lb. (4 Pack)

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Sliced Pancetta

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Daniele Sliced Pancetta 1 lb.
Daniele Sliced Pancetta
Daniele Sliced Pancetta:

Daniele Pancetta is essential rolled bacon with herbs, one of the most widely used specialty meats for sauces and other recipes. It makes a wonderful Carbonara, an Italian pasta dish usually made with spaghetti, rigatoni or fettuccine. Some of the ingredients include pork, salt, dextrose, white wine, spices,sodium erythorbate, garlic, lactic acid starter culture & sodium nitrate. It’s sold in a 1-lb piece, ideal for a variety of recipes….try this delicatessen favorite……Daniele Sliced Pancetta!

Think of Pancetta as bacon’s cousin. Bacon and pancetta are both made from the belly of a pig. The big difference between them lies in how they’re prepared and cured. To prepare bacon, pork belly sides are brined and then smoked. Pancetta, the Italian counterpart to bacon, is made by seasoning a pork belly side with salt and lots of pepper, curling it into a tight roll, and wrapping it in a casing to hold the shape.

Daniele Sliced Pancetta

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