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Chef’s Quality Whole Nutmeg 16 oz (6 Pack)

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Whole Nutmeg

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Chef’s Quality Whole Nutmeg

Chef's Quality Whole NutmegChefs Quality is a brand used by many different types of restaurants and food service facilities across the US. Most of the items are bulk size and discounted relative to the price paid in a normal supermarket…Chef’s Quality Whole Nutmeg.

Nutmeg, like most spices, loses flavor and aroma quickly once it has been ground, but this flavor and aroma stays locked in the nut while it remains whole. It is easy to quickly grate, or grind a small amount of nutmeg for each use. This will add a nutmeg flavor and aroma to your recipes that stuff out of a can cannot even come close to adding.

This is especially true for those of us who only use nutmeg spice occasionally. How long has your little can of nutmeg been sitting in the cupboard for? How much flavor can be left in it? Not much! Especially compared to whole nutmeg that has been freshly ground. If you have never tried grating your own nutmeg, try it, and you will be astounded by the difference!

  • Nutmeg has a flavor that is quite strong. In small amounts, it blends in with great subtlety.
  • Taste is peppery and sweet.
  • Traditionally for flavoring cakes and gingerbread and biscuits and fruit.
  • Excellent in savory dishes- especially sausages, fish, and seafood.

Chef’s Quality Whole Nutmeg 16 oz

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