chaokoh sugar cane in syrup

Chaokoh Sugar Cane in Syrup 48 oz

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Sugar Cane Treat!

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chaokoh sugar cane in syrupChaokoh Sugar Cane in Syrup

Sugar Cane (known as aoi in Thai) is actually a grass which grows in tropical regions such as Thailand. This cane is the raw material for producing sugar.

Thai people like to eat this individually as if it were a fruit. It is sweet and juicy with a lovely fragrance, delicious! Cool in the fridge to consume on a hot day is an ideal way to eat sugar cane. Sugar Cane in syrup from Chaokoh is sweet and juicy like the fresh one. Sugar cane is usually eaten by itself as a fruit. Sugar cane is widely eaten in Thailand. Sugar cane can be part of ingredients in certain Thai dishes like salted tuna soup.

Grab a 48 ounce can of this great Thai product, Chaokoh Sugar Cane in Syrup today!!

Ingredients; sugar cane, water, sugar, citric acid.

Chaokoh Sugar Cane in Syrup 48 oz.

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