Cacique Panela Queso Cheese 6 Lb

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Cacique Panela Queso

A 6 lb pack of this delicious Panela Queso product from Cacique. Try some of this top rate Cacique Panela Queso Cheese today!! Our mission is to give our consumers the best-in-class products each and every time they choose to invite Cacique products into their homes.cacique panela queso

Panela, a white fresh and smooth cheese, has its roots from central Mexico. In Mexico, you’ll find the cheese some times molded in a basket and sold as queso de canasta or “basket cheese.”

Cacique Panela is the mildest of our cheeses. A delectable, curd-style cheese made from Grade A, pasteurized, part-skim cow’s milk, rennet, and sea salt. Similar to Queso Fresco but slightly less crumbly, the texture is a cross between a firm ricotta.

Panela slices and crumbles easily and is best enjoyed while still moist and fresh. Its creamy but slightly tangy flavor can be enjoyed with sweet berry compotes, traditional guava paste.

Cacique Panela Queso 6 Lb

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