Cacique Beef Chorizo Sausage 9 Oz (8 Pack)

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Cacique Beef Chorizo Sausage

8 packs of this delicious Beef Chorizo product from Cacique. Try some of this top rate Cacique Beef Chorizo Sausage today!! Our mission is to give our consumers the best-in-class products each and every time they choose to invite Cacique products into their homes.cacique beef chorizo sausage

Cacique Beef Chorizo features an authentic blend of robust herbs and spices with a rich flavor of  beef. The combination of the beef and the blend of spices make the Beef Chorizo a seasoned sausage that can be used to heighten the flavor profile of many dishes.

Once cooked, the beef chorizo can be eaten by itself, added to corn tortillas for tacos, and even place on top of avocado toast for a quick and easy snack.


Cacique Beef Chorizo Sausage 9 Oz (8 Pack)

0 out of 5


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