Admiration: Russian Dressing 1 gallon

Admiration Russian Dressing 1 gal (2 Pack)

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Admiration Russian Dressing

Admiration Russian Dressing 1 gallon
Bring your salads to life by adding Russian Dressing salad dressings to your menu. Made with ketchup, lemon juice, vinegar, oil, celery seed, Worcester sauce, and grated onion. This dressings begin with the finest ingredients to create a flavor that you will savor.

This dressing adds a great light and creamy touch to any salad.

And Admiration is a top brand name in the restaurant industry with it being used in many fine establishments across the country.

Russian Dressing is typically made with a blend of mayonnaise and ketchup complemented with such additional ingredients as horseradish, pimentos, chives and spices.

Admiration Russian Dressing 1 gallon

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