Admiration: Sherry Cooking Wine 1 gallon

Admiration Marsala Cooking Wine 1 gal (2 Pack)

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Marsala Cooking Wine

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Admiration Marsala Cooking Wine

Admiration Marsala Cooking Wine 1 gallon
Marsala wine is a fortified sweet Italian wine.

Deliberately created to work well with all your chef’s ingredients and retain its flavor throughout the cooking process. Cooking wines work well in salad dressings, marinades, soups and sauces.

The aroma will fill your kitchen with beautiful scents as you sauté, broil, stir-fry or bake your favorite meal with Admiration Cooking Wines.

two 1 gallon containers of restaurant quality marsala cooking wine for all your culinary needs!

The process Admiration uses to ferment vinegars has been used for over 100 years. With quality assurance, we guarantee the acidity will be the strength that will satisfy your cooking, baking or even household needs.

Admiration Marsala Cooking Wine 1 gallon

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